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Catacombs directions
“Odessa’s underground” as most of people call catacombs. It is one of the most famous catacombs in the world and by one of the legend many years ago one sailor left inside his gold.
Your exploration of Odessa would not be complete without a visit to the labyrinth of catacombs which thread about 600 miles under the city and its environs, and made good hideouts for World War II resistants.

Odessa catacombs are hundred of kilometres of underground labyrinths created during the period of the city construction over 200 years ago. They are situated in Nerubaiske village, originally created during mining of hardware materials that were used to build the city. Currently it is the labyrinth of 2,500 kilometers with hundreds of entrances, exits, caves, and tunnels.

During the World War II, in 1941, when German and Romanian army occupied Odessa, the Soviet Military headquarters ordered to organize the partisan resistance. And Odessa catacombs were chosen as the camp for the partisans. The provisions and weapons were enough there to stay in this underground rebel place for half a year. The partisans were fighting with Nazi and Romanian army during all the period of occupation.

In the shade of the underground vault there is a museum, which guards the mysteries of the past. Here nothing has changed since the Second World War. You will be told about severe school of survival that Odessa anti-fascists had to go through and about there contribution in the city’s liberation from the occupants.

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