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The display of A. Pushkin apartment-museum in Odessa was opened in June, 1961. Actually it is apartment where the famous writer lived in 1823. Odessa inspired him to create everlasting masterpieces such as Eugene Onegin, Gipsy, Bakchisaray fountain. You will have the chance to get acquainted with artist way of life, the special environment of his house that smells with creativity At that time it was Hotel de Nord, the owner of which was a good acquaintance of Pushkin well-known merchant in Odessa.

The display of museum occupies three small halls, each of them exposes the followings themes: Pushkin deportation from St. Petersburg (1st hall), Pushkin creativity in Odessa, one year of life of the great artist (2nd hall), Pushkin influence on the cultural life of Odessa (3rd hall). Considerable part of exhibits was given by the All-Union Pushkin Museum. Some exhibits were taken from the private collections.

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Pushkin Museum

Pushkin Museum

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