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Attractions in Odessa

Every self-respecting tourist should find time to get acquainted with the city’s entertainment. Many of Odessa's beaches are equipped with everything you will need to have a relaxing time.

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Attractions in Odessa
Potemkin Steps

If you ask what is the symbol of Paris ,each one will tell that it’s Effil Tower,if you ask the same about Rome, each will tell that it’s Trevi Fountains,if you will ask the same about Odessa,each will tell that it’s Potemkin steps. Soviet tour-gu...

Pushkin Museum

The display of A. Pushkin apartment-museum in Odessa was opened in June, 1961. Actually it is apartment where the famous writer lived in 1823. Odessa inspired him to create everlasting masterpieces such as Eugene Onegin, Gipsy, Bakchisaray fountain. ...


“Odessa’s underground” as most of people call catacombs. It is one of the most famous catacombs in the world and by one of the legend many years ago one sailor left inside his gold. Your exploration of Odessa would not be complete without a visit t...

Odessa Zoo

If you decided to visit Odessa with children, Odessa’s zoo will be the first place where you can go. There were 3 attempts to creat zoo, the first was before celebrating the city’s 100th anniversary and the second was made in 1914. But only the thir...

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