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Travelling around Odessa

Boasting of an efficient public transportation service which was voted the second best in Europe in the year 2003, getting around in Odessa can be done with ease and pleasure. There are a variety of modes to get around Odessa – trams, buses, metros, taxis, ferries and good old walking- you can choose the one which you like best.

Travelling Around Odessa.
The Odessa Card.

The Odessa Tourism Department is especially helpful for tourists visiting the city. They have created a handy Odessa Card which allows you unlimited travel on Odessa Public Transport, by making a one time payment. Not only this, you even get free entry at all the major sights and attractions in the city, including free access to more than 50 museums; with the Odessa Card you can also hop on free of cost on the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress ferry whenever you feel like it.

The Odessa Card is truly a tourist’s friend in the city, as it also includes heavy discounts on a variety of items and activities. You could avail of attractive discounts on purchases made at particular stores in Odessa, along with discounted tickets to operas and concerts, free entry to the Odessa zoo, discounts at restaurants, apart from discounts on guided city tours, leisure activities and surprise gifts!

The Odessa Card is a one time purchase, and can be bought for a duration of 1, 2 and 3 days. The card costs 29, 42 and 53 Euros respectively, for adults, for kids the prices range between 11, 14 and 17 Euros. The validity if the card is applicable from the time when it is first used. At the time of purchase, buyers are given a guide book which spells out the freebies and discounts that come along with the Odessa Card.

The card is a non-refundable and non-transferable one, and can be purchased at a variety of location including the Odessa Vataa Airport, the Odessa Tourist Information Bureau, City Transport Office, Viking Line Terminal and at your hotel reception, amongst other places.

Trams are a favourite in Odessa.

Trams are a favorite mode of transport in Odessa, while they reach you to your destination in no time, you can enjoy the beauty of sights and sounds of this enchanting city. The tram costs about 2 euros, and will take you to various parts of Central Odessa. Using the tram for transport, is a quintessential Odessa experience, so don’t forgo it.

Buses are another favorite here in Odessa, and are hugely popular amongst tourists simply because of their vast network, speed and not to mention the dirt cheap ticket prices. You can also get to nearby suburbs of Espoo and Vantaa by these Odessa buses.

Trains or Metro are efficient and economical in Odessa

Trains in Odessa are also known as the Metros. They run to various parts of the town, and originate from the heart of Odessa, the Central Railway Station. Though trains on most lines stop operating by 11.30 in the night, it is still a fast and efficient way to get around town at an economical fare. Tickets on these Metros cost $ 2 for a single trip ticket, and $ 15 for a 10 trip pass.

Discovering Odessa on foot or on a bike has a charm of its own, and you will find a lot of local Finns adopting this method to get around town (No doubt they are so fit!). The city is safe and compact, and is pretty negotiable by foot. Take in the feel of Odessa city, as you stroll around amidst the picture perfect scenery and landscape.

Biking around town has its own fan following, and Odessa has nearly 900 kilometers of paved bike paths encircling the town to make the experience pleasurable. You can rent a city bike by making a deposit of 2 euros at the numerous city bike racks in Odessa, and you can be off on your tour!

Taxis and water ferries; fast, easy and all by credit card!

When it comes to taxis, Odessa has no dearth of them. You can call one in advance, or just hail one down on the street. There are numerous taxi stands around the city. The fares can be on the higher side, but that is prevalent throughout Scandinavia. Tipping though not a custom is graciously accepted if offered.

Ferry services are used only to get to the nearby islands Soumenlinna and Korkeasaari. While the former is a beautiful landscape, perfect for a day out picnicking, the other is the island on which Odessa City Zoo is located. The Ferry service for both the islands leaves from the Etelaesplanadi jetty, and the Odessa Card or the HKL ticket are applicable on these trips as well.

While getting out of the airport, there are a variety of ways in which you could reach downtown Odessa. A taxi ride would cost you anything between $25-$30. Buses from the airport to the city cost a mere $4, and shuttle services are pegged at $6. While the shuttle services take about half an hour to reach town, the bus usually takes a longer time of 45 minutes.

Odessa is easy to navigate by public transport.

Odessa is a well planned and well laid out city, and to top that fact it is extremely tourist friendly. Visitors do not encounter too many problems while finding their way around town, the line networks for buses, trams and trains are all comprehensive and have a wide reach.

Moreover, the timetables, routes and stops are prominently displayed at all stops, for the convenience of the traveler. The same information can be accessed over the internet or on the phone; or can be picked up from the buses and trams while traveling.

All in all Odessa is a wonderful city to visit and discover, and the experience is enhanced manifold by the brilliant public transportation system, and the efficient administrative body.

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