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Travelling to Odessa

Maybe the first questions which will appear in your mind when you decide to come to Odessa, what way of travel to choose. How do I most enjoy traveling? There are 3 ways of traveling to Odessa.

Travelling to Odessa by Train.

Rail travel is the only one way using which you will plunge into the atmosphere of city from the first steps, because the first what you will hear will be song of Leonid Utesov “Near the Black sea”.

From the first chords you understand that you come to unusual city. The railway station is right in the center of the city which is highly convenient both for those departing from Odessa and those arriving for the first time.

It is impossible to loose your way; all the incoming trains come in to the end of the tracks, right in front of the railway station building, with exists to the city to the left and right.

Most often than not as soon as travelers emerge into the platform, they find themselves under attack from entrepreneurial ‘babushkas’ (old ladies) covered with signs advertising ‘Accomodation’. But even the most temptingly cheap offer won’t guarantee safe rest.

Getting here by sea.

Even if you can’t travel by sea because of seasickness, it is still worth to visit the sea-port.A huge concrete and glass structure ,it was built to Western standards, incorporating the latest technology and with due regard for service requirements.

There are several tourist agencies located inside the terminal .But of course the most beautiful here is yacht club where you can take boat for several hours and feel salt on your lips .The tickets will cost $70-$100 per hour, but it worth it. There is an underground Exhibition Center located on the site of the terminal ,and, near to the sea-the small, modern-looking Church of St. Nicholas, patron saint of sailors.

Odessa Airport.

Odessa’s airport located just outside the city limits, is not the world’s largest transport hub. However it is convenient for those who like to save the time. The journey from the center by taxi takes about half an hour ,but it can also take up to an hour if you decide to go to Marshrytka.

There is a hotel at the airport .The situation with taxi drivers are the same as in the railway and bus station. The curbside service is aimed at those who don’t know their way around a strange town.The price will be very high.To protect your wallet and nervous system it is better to use Marshrytka.

Local Transport

Odessa is officially divided into 4 districts, but the city’s inhabitants use many more names to designate parts of the city: Moldovanka, Slobodka, Peresip , Poskot and many many other. There is no metro in Odessa ,but all forms of overland transportation exist: trolleybus, busses, trams and marshrytkas. Tickets for public transport  are sold directly by the conductors. There are no ticket punchers on the buses.

Taxi services.

Odessa has a well developed taxi service. You can book a taxi by phone ,and find out the cost of your trip in advance by giving the operator your destination. In you are on a business trip and need a receipt for the journey ,bear in mind that not all city taxis can offer this service. There is an extra charge if you need your taxi driver to assists in carrying your luggage. You will also have to pay for waiting time if the wait exceeds a few minutes.

Despite a wide choice of taxies, there are always the so-called ‘kastrylshiki’ ( literally ‘saucepan folk’)-private car drivers, making a little money on the side by taking passengers. These unofficial taxies are very popular in Odessa. When you flag down a private car ,it is customary to say where you are headed and the price you are willing to pay. Visitors to the city often comment that in Odessa you can get to almost any corner for 5 grivnas($1).

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